Thursday, May 10, 2007

Copyright dilemma

Look and listen to how editors at The Daily Evergreen, the student newspaper at Washington State University, dealt with a copyright issue they encountered after the Virginia Tech shootings on April 16, 2007.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Like, this site is another way to post your design examples up to the Web. is a professional resume site that hosts work from news page designers around the world. Portfolios are available to browse by specific journalist or by section category.

This site is a little harder to upload images because the site only supports .Jpeg files, where college Front Page can also upload small-sized PDFs. However, after exiting college, switching to a more professional site is probably the best way to go.

News Page Designer is hosted by the Sun Journal in Lewiston Maine.

Both Web sites are free to join. All you need is an E-mail address.

This site is a great resource for students to post their samples to an online database.

Though the site is primarily used for news design, photographers also upload their images, and reporters upload PDFs of their stories.

By uploading your clips, employers can go to your site and see your recent work. This makes it easier when submitting job applications online, and it's also cheaper because there is no need to pay for color copies and postage!

I have to admit, that I have a biased opinion of the site because it was created by students at WSU! Brian Immel and Joe Barrantine, both former staffers at The Daily Evergreen, the student newspaper at WSU, teamed up in the fall of 2005.

Because it is privately ran, Brian and Joe are both available if you need help with the site. Currently you can only upload 15 clips to your site, but with a quick E-mail request they can bump up your space.

Job posting and internships are routinely updated and the site offers a great opportunity for networking. Check it out!

Newspaper redesign

With newspaper readers becoming more and more visual because of the internet and interactive media, many papers are finding it necessary to redesign to keep readers interested.

This article by Ron Reason talks about how to know if your newspaper needs to redesign, and how to go about it.

Though, obviously, not all people work at a newspaper, these same principles can be used to redesign an art portfolio, or even a resume.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Daily Evergreen - Behind the Press

Meet the editorial staff of The Daily Evergreen, the student newspaper at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Watermarking images

If you post images on the Web frequently, whether they are on a personal site, or for a business site for newspapers or design firms, you might want to consider posting images with a watermark.

If the business owns the rights to the photo, you might find your picture on other unauthorized sites.

This tutorial explains the photoshop process to give your photos a watermark.

RGB and CMYK colors

Learning the differences between RGB and CMYK colors is something all designers should know.

Designers need to know this information to correctly work up photographs to be ready to print, and to accurately predict how the photo will look after printing.

This article explains the logic behind the different colors that the human eye can see, and how different colors are processed on photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

After you have read through this tutorial, read the differences between bitmaps, channels and the CMYK process in a more advanced article.

To take color one step further, read this article about different color systems, and how printers process color information. It also mentions how to layer colors for optimum printing.